Offline Install & Activation required???

I have purchased Cubase Pro 11 and it is going to be installed on a custom built windows workstation laptop that can not be connected to the web as I specifically chose to not had a network card installed when the laptop was built.

I therefore need to be able to download Pro 11 to a seperate machine with internet (which I have) and then move the install files over to the workstation DAW laptop to install and authorise.

I have already been sent the activation code and I have a brand new USB e-licenser.

I installed Steinberg download manager to get V11 installer but now the download manager wants to install it on my internet machine

How do I achieve what I need to do?

Many thanks

The Steinberg eLicenser authorization database has been down for a day now. No one can authorize Cubase 11 at all right now.

Hi bduffy

Thanks for your reply, yeah I know the auth server is down but as I said in my post I am not even at that stage yet.

I need to be able to download all of the install files on one machine (with net access) and then move and install them on another (with no net access).

Cool. Yeah, I’m interested in seeing what the solution is too.

I do not understand Steinbergs insistance on everything being done online.

I work in a fair number of commercial studios (some quite big and well known) and none of them have thier DAW’s connected to the ne.

It is asking for trouble to have a DAW connected.

Yes, they simply do not provide an offline alternative.

Then again, Cubase hasn’t been cracked in years, so maybe that’s one of the reasons why not.