Offline mixdown


Considering obviously I’m not using external effects in my project,
Is there any quality / accuracy / timing downgrades when using offline mixdown?

I do use UAD interface, though all the effects are used as standard vst plugins inside the MixConsole. Are those effects taken care of during offline mixdown?

So is there actually no good reason why not to make an offline mixdown in this configuration? And its only my old bad mistaken believe that there’s some magic in the real time approach when mixing down…?



I’m using offline Mixdown (with UAD plug-ins) all the time. I have never found any differences compare with the real-time Mixdown.

You’ve inspired me an idea -
I’ll generate the two versions,
And mix them with reverse phase.
If it’s the very same product, I should hear silence…

I’m interested in the result.

But might be, you will not get the same result. Some plug-ins use randomness to get more “live” results. For example Reverbs. I also don’t know, what are you going to use as a source. If you are going to use Virtual Instruments, some oscilators might be influences by the position of the Buffer, when they start to generate a signal.

So even two same exports might not sound exactly the same.

You’re probably right.
Still curious…
Yet I’ll add to the experiment a third version, another real time mixdown.