Offline or Realtime

I see dialogues that say flatten offline processing, and make realtime processing permanent, (Or maybe the other way around) What is realtime processing, I know what offline is. And for years every time I switch a track out of musical mode into the other one, Linear? It corrupts my whole project, and makes it impossible for any tracks to play in sync.Has anyone else experienced this?


Could you describe the situation more precisely, please? When does this message appear (could you write the message exactly as it is, please)?

Is real-time processing what is shown on the project view?

Anything that is not rendered, but processed while playing.
Real-time or more correctly near real-time, are things like plugins, time stretch algorithms etc.
If you use audio warp, the changes are not rendered down to a new file, they are calculated while playing. Unless you choose to make the changes permanent, rendering to a new audio file.
The parts in the arranged view, does not represent the physical files on your drive. If you have an audio track where you have recorded 5min of continues audio, then edit it and only keep the first and last minute. The physical file on the drive will not change, Cubase will simply skip the playback of the file to what is represented by the arranger.
So basically, render, flatten, offline is describing a way to commit changes to files, that will save you cpu cycles, but might make it harder to undo changes.

Thank you! That is very helpful. What is the easiest way to flatten everything except what’s in the inserts and sends?