Offline process is a broken mess

So i have been putting off installing 12 until now due to the potential bugs.
I have just installed it on a fresh macbook m1 for testing and the first thing i went to check is if the offline process works as expected.
Of course after 6-7 years, its still completely broken.
Loading plugins that don’t process with extension or tails even tho its selected.

Saving a simple reverse reverb ‘reverse - reverb - reverse’ has never worked because it fails to do the process in order (i guess because reverse is a quick process and some reverb plugins might take some time) and ends up spitting out a total wacky mess.

What is the point of creating these new workflows if they don’t work, and not only don’t work, but 6 years down the line, they still don’t work…
c’mon =(

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I have just tried this and there is no processing issue whatsoever.

The only bug I have found is the waveform image reverting to a previous state at certain zoom levels when adding multiple processing and some are bypassed.
I occurs in every place of the DAW : Project Window, Lower Zone Editor and Windowed Editor.

offline processing bypass waveform glitch

This is not what I meant…
Make a preset ‘favourite’ in the bank section that does, ‘reverse’ - ‘reverb’ - ‘reverse’ & you will not get a result that is expected…

Bug has been here for about 5 or so years and no one gives a rats to fix it?

There’s some odd behavior when you use a reverse - reverb - reverse DOP preset like that, but I think most people do reverse reverb in Cubase by making a new track, applying offline reverb, then applying reverse only once.

The method you’re trying to use here would cause the early reflections of the reverb to be applied to the tail end of the dry signal first, creating a wimpier sounding ramp up. Generally, you want the reverse reverb to ramp up towards the early reflections to get that characteristic “sucking” sound.

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This is just a quick example of the bug, i literally dragged the first sample i could find into the daw, it could have been a sound of a chicken (its irrelevant).

Please keep the conversation on topic.

The process has huge bugs and needs to be addressed.

Agreed. There‘s a lot that can be improved here.

I’m confirming that using a preset with a “reverse - reverb/delay - reverse” processing chain leads to wonky behavior, but also adding that this isn’t the usual chain used for reverse reverb. I didn’t say anything about the sample used.

Your topic doesn’t have the #issue tag, so one can only guess whether you’re just ranting about the feature or looking to report a problem.

If you found a reproducible issue, I would recommend following the issue reporting guidelines to make it easier for other users to confirm it.

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They are currently running a survey, that’s another great place to rant :innocent: