Offline Process Pitch Shift- half the dialogue box missing (graphical glitch) [SOLVED IN 12.0.10]

I can’t see half the dialogue box for the offline process pitch shift in Cubase 12 pro. Works fine in cubase 11 pro on the same system. Same across both tabs (transpose & envelope). Doesn’t affect the other offline processes.

Cubase 12, Core i7-2600k, 16gb ram, OS Windows 10 pro (1909)

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Also experiencing the same issue on an M1 MacBook.

I’ve also got it installed on an intel iMac, and the dialogue box shows up just fine on that.

No plugins installed on my mac though, so I’m going to try and disable all the plugins on my main music machine and see if that solves the issue. Currently can’t use Cubase 12 because of this issue!

[Windows 10] Got the same problem. Contacted support 3 times and they’ve had me check to make sure my drivers were up to date (they were), reset my preferences and drag and my keycommands.xml and project templates over to my C:/Users/[username]/app data/roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 12, and reset my preferences without keeping my key commands and project templates (which I had to recreate). They all didn’t work.

I use this very commonly so this is frustrating to say the least.

Having the same issue here, Pitch Shift window in DOP is missing the bottom (and very vital) half. Have tried what ad8keys mentioned above without success. This happened after switching to Cubase 12.

This problem is solved for me after updating to 12.0.1