Offline Processing bug

Any word on this huge bug thats been hanging around since the new Offline Processing was introduced.

I’ve tried loading cubase in safe mode to no success.
To recreate this issue, cut a sample, take a region and pitch shift it, turn off time stretch mode and then change the pitch more than 2-3 times (with auto apply on).

On my windows machine it allows for 1 pitch shift correctly, the next one totally screws up the region and brings back the full length of the sample.
On my OSX laptop, it allows me to do 2 pitch shifts & on the 3rd the bug happens.

I love using the new offline processing for so many things, but it’s such a damper on the workflow to have to bounce things down before applying effects.
This bug shows up on other processes too, like adding a reverb to something, play with a few parameters and boom, the region is screwed.