Offline Processing: External effects?

Hi there!
Is there a way to use external effects in offline processing?

Cheers, Matze!

Offline processing does not playback any audio.
External (hardware) effects work on audio arriving at their input.

So no they can’t work offline as they must receive the audio…what are you trying to achieve that you can’t do in realtime?

I thought of it as a kind of batch processing. For example to play all Vocal Parts in a projoct through an analog device.

Thanks, Matze!

Well strictly speaking offline process means that the computer just crunches the numbers & creates a processed wav with no playback so it can only work with plugs.

I’m not a user of any external effects so not sure, but would it not work if you assign the external effect as an insert across all the tracks you want processed & then use the batch export (& import to new track) in realtime?

Yeah, that was what I have to do now.
I wanted to edit my audio more in parts than in tracks.

Thanks, Matze!

WaveLab would be ideal for that kind of job…

Luck, Arjan

Good idea, never thought of using a different program for that task.

Thanks, Matze!

How about realtime playback and record the external fx output?

Yeah, that would be possilble, but is not a solution for me.
Normally I work with very large projects. What I’m looking for is a way to do an external effect on a lot of clips. I want to do that with just a few clicks.
If I want to put for example a plugin on all my vocal clips I have no problem to do that. It just don’t work with external FX because of this offline thing.
Maybe Wavelab is my way to go.

Thanks, Matze!

What external fx? If its a time based effect with the same setting…you don’t need to print it–you put it on an aux bus and send all the tracks to it. If its insert (compressor/eq) you wouldn’t have the same settings. I’m thinking a tape emulation box might be the only “external fx” you would have any need to batch process.


I think this is a good idea actually…

Currently, if you go to

Anyway, as far as this being a feature?

+1 This definitely gets my vote.

+1000!!! This needs to exist!