offline processing... how to bypass it ?


i’m that dumb i still didn’t understand how DOP works.
i have a sound, i add pitch shift (or do i ? hell we know with this DOP thing) anyawy autoapply is checked.
i see my region gets a “wave” logo likes something changed. but sound is the same.
screw this i uncheck autoapply and clic apply… nothing works.
1- is this buged like VCA and we should not use it ? or should i open the manual because it’s so not intuitive.
2 - … can’t we remove DOP in preference or anywhere. i really didn’t need that trouble to do a stupid pitch shift and was fine all these years with old version.

i have no Edit folder created and i have a “!” in status column from DOP… now what the hell does that mean :frowning:

I hope someone can correct me if I’m wrong here, but I would assume that if you choose autoapply it will apply whatever processing you’ve selected on whatever event you’ve selected (duh). Since this is offline processing Nuendo will refer to a newly created audio clip for that event when it then plays back.

If you now **de-**select that function (autoapply) it just means that the next time you have DOP open and select an event it won’t automatically apply a process when you select processing. It seems logical to me that de-selecting the function is NOT the same as “undo”.

So if you want to “reverse” what you did you probably need to choose “undo” instead.

@sylvainmoreau - I’ve had the DOP ! warnings using RX6 processing after any Waves V9 plugin render. It’s tedious, and it seems to trash the original audio file with no undo capability - then it’s missing in the Pool the next time you open the project.
I often bounce and then re-process audio files to get round this quirk.