Offline processing (huge bug, still broken)

Offline processing tries to process the whole sample rather than the cut region.
In the past (cubase 8 and before) any processing was applied only to the region you have selected.
Ever since the new offline processing upgrade (which is great), it’s completely broken and applies to the whole original sample regardless of what you have cut into a region to process.

As you can see, the difference between cubase 8 & cubase 10 in this video.
Cubase 8 shows the one kick sample in the region i selected & then processes it correctly vs cubase 10 which shows many kicks rather than the region i selected, is also goes on to process the whole thing rather than the region and then proceeds to extend the region out in the background as an add on bug.

This should be an easy bug to fix no?

Have you opened a ticker via MySteinberg? This should bring it to their attention (recently at least my bugs I reported where in the end solved).