offline processing.. i don't get it


i used pitch and tweaks with online processing on some sounds but did not “render” them.
THen i moved my session to my desktop computer that has similar sound library. But of course nuendo asked to locate folders.
and all sounds were strange or moved within the region. So i looked up .
i went back to previous computer and all is ok there. so i tried to “make all permanent”
Nuendo then creates new audio files (wich is expected) in the audio folder… with the same name than original sound ! ? ! :laughing:
that’s… that’s stupid right ?i remember in protools years ago a “rendered” sound would get a “X” to his name or something like that.
how on hell when i locate the sounds on my desktop computer is it possible to find in that massive list of sounds the one that were were offline processed and those that were not if they have same name ?

also offline process is rendering aaaaall the sound ! even if you worked on a fraction of that sound :angry:

do i miss something ?