Offline Processing: Peak Normalization of Events to hit a target level on the Mix-Bus possible?

So I have a native MS recording
channel 1 M= Mid,
channel 2 S1 = Side 1
channel 3 S2 = side 2
I have to cut the imported audio parts into lots of different events. Then I would apply fades to the events. Now I want them all to be loud & proud. Normally I would select all 3 events by hand and raise the gain equally until I hit a certain peak level on the mix-bus. This is clumsy and time-consuming.

Is there a way to speed things up and use offline processing to get this done? I have tried peak normalization, but this would destroy the gain structure hence the stereo with of the MS signal. From what I have discovered so far, offline processing does peak normalize each event individually. Trying to group these events together before applying the offline-process would not change the that behavior. What I would need is some sort of process/makro/logic that would look at the Mix-Bus for the peak target level and apply the same amount of gain to all 3 events inside the MS channels until that target is reached. Is something like that possible? Any suggestions for a workaround/ workflow suggestions? Right now I would do the cutting and fading, then render in place and then apply peak normalization to the rendered stereo. Thoughts?