offline processing - preview volume is too low


Im working a documentry thats need lots of sound restoration (N8+DOP+Izotope=HELL).
For some reason the preview is much much lower than the real timeline monitor level.

What could be the problem?

Preview audio doesn’t pass the master, you listen to the ‘naked’ event.

OK but i dont have nothing on the master. and also it is so weak i cant hear the audio right.
it is wayyyyy to weak for any kind of work.

Check the volume slider of the previewer in mediabay.


Really? Media bay previewer has something to do with the listening levels of the offline previewing?

No, there’s a little arrow next to “Audiotion Loop” that controls the preview volume.

No, there’s a little arrow next to “Audition Loop” that controls the preview volume.

…without any level-readout unfortunately…so you’ll have to guess at which level you’re previewing…

I hope Steinberg takes this opportunity (marketer Timo Wildenhain announced they are in the process of overhauling Nuendo completely) to implement these -tens of- omissions.

msut say, after all the suggestions here plus the CR was low to -10.
I still cant get the proper working level while editig noise and dialog problems.
this is a very unclear.

can someone help me to find this audiotion loop arrow?

Same concern here on a film project. I get that the reason for this problem is the offline process volume is “naked” and doesn’t output the master level, but I still need to have them at similar volumes when previewing effects. It is difficult to discern the actual impact of plugins when the audition is at such a low volume compared to the master out of the project. We should be able to set them to be equal, as Ozone and many other products do in their mastering tools. Steinberg should provide a volume boost on the audition fader.

Drorh4!!! this is a none issue over here. There’s a level for auditioning and in the control room you can boost the LISTEN (SET TO AFL) +18 db to add extra boost for really low material. And if your mixing to TV or film levels then your room should be loud enough to catch even the very quiet stuff.

I have this problem and Im not alone.
Nuendo need to have a defualt level of the listen. Plus, why cant Nuendo have a volume of some sort when auditioning.
But the problem is more basic, when I want to use RX and remove some noise, I must listen to the noise on the same way it acts on the timeline.
Why on earth there is a difference in monitoring levels?

come on. are you serious? I need to hear the audition sound at the level I will work with it, and it should be like A/B testing.
no boosting in the control and changing the overall listening focus and nothing to do to how my studio is calibrated.
The idea that the auditioning and the rendered result had a volume difference is HUGE HUGE problem.

You suggest that for every little click i will boot 18 db to listen to the problem handle it, and then lower down the auditioning just to do so again 1000 times?

And it absolutely not a PRE/POST process issue. completely naked, the auditioned audio is waaaaay low.

BTW - on my macbook pro, same project, same settings- I dont have this issue at all.

drorh4- yes I am.

Please note i’m only trying to offer suggestions that may help. However it may be that your asking the software to do something that it would not be able to do properly. Say for example you have a dialogue event that was recorded very low on set and you have it on a track filled with plugins, compressors, eq’s, reverbs, fx,etc etc. The track would be significantly altering the amplitude of sound of your event when you are playing it back in your room/environment and is much louder, than if you use DOP for example to try to process something directly on the event when you are auditioning it is only sourcing the pre-effected audio file that was recorded super low. So the volumes between what you are hearing and the event is enormous in difference. It appears as though you would want the software to understand all of the processing chain and post volume the clip’s audio for you so that it matches closer? Maybe an after processes listen button if its possible to implement. I understand that its an annoying difference in volume but to me its the physics of how the audio process chain works in the software and thankfully you can set your listen to its own volume control to adjust when needed.

There is only one preview volume and many sliders for this preview volume spread around convent places like the pool, media bay, the direct offline process window etc. this preview feeds into the main control room volume.

Thnx Jules, I will check that.