Offline Processing question / editing, adjusting Volume / normalization (Newbee)

Hello to the community,
I had the Testversion of Cubase 12 Pro - now I have bought and installed the Artist Version.
My problem:
how to apply offline processing? I thought there was an “Apply” button in the Test-Version. Now there is nothing. I only can Preview for example an applied Normalization - but I can not apply it.
I have to add that I’m a Newbee and happy everytime I find out some simple trick and also every other newly discovered function :smiley: So this might be user-related, ähem…

Here a screenshot:

Ouké, I found out that recorded Audio can be made louder in the upper Menu:

And that Offline Processing like Normalization is NOT included in the Artist Version???! Why can I access it then, if I can’t use it?
Please help me here - maybe I don’t get the whole concept…

This is just the place where the clip gain get’s displayed.
There are some places or methods available to make audio signals louder.

The DOP is limited to internal audio processes in Artist. Normalization is available.
maybe you should read the chapter on DOP in the manual…

Thank you @st10ss !
What is meant by “internal audio processes”? Because the comparison of Cubase 12 Pro / Artist says that DOP is only for the Pro Version. Maybe this explains why I don’t have an “Apply” button. Every time I close the DOP window nothing is saved or changed.
Changing the Clips Volume (as in my last Screenshot) seems a good way to raise the Volume . Moving up the Channel Fader is not enough in most of my recordings.

What are the options to raise a signal:

  1. raising the channel fader
  2. raising the volume of selection (screenshot)
  3. using an insert plugin
  4. using DOP

What else is suitable for it?

What speaks against the option #2? I thought it might be the easiest solution for me. But you sounded like there are better ones :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone who elaborates a bit here for me - as I don’t have tooo deep Cubase knowledge, yet.

DOP of plugins.
Some processes (normalization, gain, fades) are still available… these are located under Audio>Prozesse

You need to select an event first…

Ah yes I saw that the DOP of Plugins is not available anymore.
I have the Event selected.
The processes (normalization, gain, fades, etc.) are available yes BUT should there be an “Apply” button or not? I can’t save anything. I’m almost sure in the Pro Trial I could hit Apply…
In tutorials on youtube you can see an option saying “Auto Apply”. Even that is not showing in my Artist Version.
Might this be a bug occurring when having Cubase 12 Pro and then buying / installing Cubase 12 Artist after the Trial-period has ended??

It was never available to Artist…

That tutorials all use Pro version… the dialog is different on Artist,
as already mentioned with the link to the manual (that’s the Artist manual, and the dialog has no Apply button)

I finally found out how to apply certain processes:
most of the processes can only be applied

  • by pressing Enter :roll_eyes:
    For that → the right side of the DOP window has to be highlighted / clicked, then pressing Enter shoves it to the left side (called process list in the manual).
    not really userfriendly…

And here it comes:
Only SOME processes like “Phase invertieren” or “Umkehren” are directly added to the left side / process list as described in the manual:

I can just assume that this is a bug, right?

Thank you for your help @st10ss !!