Offline Processing Question


I have a little and probably really stupid question.

I was watching a cubase tutorial where they said that if you add Insert effects in the Offline Processing it doesn’t use any CPU. So I was wondering why wouldn’t one do that all the time then?
I assume there is a deciding difference… What is that?
In which scenarios do you guys use inserts in offline processing?

Grazie mille


Offline Processing works only on audio events. If you just want to have an effect on a particular audio event it is fine. For everything else there are the channel effect slots.
I guess automation also doesn’t work on Offline Processing.

  • You can’t automate Direct Offline Processing
  • There’s no live response, if you change a knob, it has to re-process the entire event
  • It’s semi-destructive, you can undo it, but if you bounce the events, the DOP is now baked

nothing to do with inserts…
and it has nothing to do with the mixer and therefore it uses no resources at playback since the process is applied immediately to the selected audio part

check the manuals chapter