Offline rendering in Background or not?


Why when rendering “Whole Montage”, wavelab does the offline rendering in the background, allowing me to continue working, while when rendering a “CD track” (for example), a foreground window that prohibits me to do anything else during the offline rendering ?
There must be a good reason I don’t understand.

Thank you

What settings are you using for rendering CD Track? I can do other things whether I’m rendering the Whole Montage, or All Marked Regions/CD Tracks.

The only render I’m aware of that blocks you from doing anything else is a DDP Render.

I can’t speak about rendering through External FX as I do not do that.

There is no “good reason” for this, eg. when rendering multiple files. It’s something to change in the future. If this was not done so far, this is because this is not a small task.

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Thank you Justin.

In this case I master 1 single track in a Montage.
I created CD markers as if it was a 1 track CD, in order to have all the metadatas and ISRC in the rendered file.
Then I render “Selected CD track”
Here are the settings :

Doing this, there is no Background rendering.

But if I render “Whole montage”, the rendering is made on the background and I can continue some work on wavelab. That is a better thing for me.

Ok. Thank you. I understand :wink:

Interesting. I guess I always render All Marked Regions/CD Tracks even if there is just one track in a montage and with that setting, there is no pop up window blocking me from doing other things.

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Thank you.

Doing so, I realize that the ISRCs are not integrated. Is this normal?

No. There must be a setting or deviation somewhere between our workflows but when I render Marked Regions/CD Tracks the ISRC codes entered in the CD-Tab are embedded to the rendered file(s) via my Metadata Preset that is loaded in the Metadata tab.

This kind of metadatas :

<ebucore:ebuCoreMain xmlns:dc=" DCMI: DCMI Metadata Terms"
<ebucore:identifier typeLabel=“GUID” typeDefinition=“Globally Unique Identifier”
formatLabel=“ISRC” formatDefinition=“International Standard Recording Code”



Yes. I can’t quite fit it all in one screen shot but with this metadata preset loaded, rendering All Marked Regions/CD Tracks results in the ISRC being added. I checked some recent renders in the Meta app, Sonoris ISRC, and the WaveLab Audio Editor.

There must be a small discrepancy somewhere but it should work. Every single WAV and mp3 I render of each song is done using All Marked Regions/CD Tracks and metadata and codes are all present in the resulting renders.

Thank you Justin.

Actually, I added these metadatas after the render.
Now that they are set, the rendered file does have the ISRC.

I wonder why these metadatas are not set by default in wavelab ??!

I don’t know. I have it set so that when I make a new audio montage from one of my montage templates, the Metadata Tab is pre-loaded with this Metadata Preset.

If you do this from the start, all downstream montages and renders will have it. I actually never even open the Metadata Tab other than to add the artwork, and to help others :slight_smile:

Thanks !!
On waveslab since 2 weeks, it’s still a long way to know all the details…
Good thing to know that the montage presets are recalling the metadata presets too :wink:

Yes. I have a handful of montage templates that can be loaded with a key command. The main differences are the sample rate, and whether or not markers are quantized or not in the CD Wizard settings for singles vs. albums etc.

With all of them though, the moment a montage template is loaded, the Metadata Tab is already set to how it needs to be for my needs and I never have to open it, other than when I am rendering mp3s and want to add the artwork.

Otherwise, it’s all pretty automatic.

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So much to learn from you !
Thank you very much.