Offset of Audio tracks broken

Hi there,

  • 5 Audio tracks, parallel recording with tempo 126
  • Stop recording at tempo change right before bar 67
  • add tempo change in bar 67 to tempo track (to 130)
  • Continue the recording from bar 67 in new tempo


  • The contents of the audio tracks behind bar 67 are all over the place, except for the lowest track
  • on closer inspection, the lowest track has an offset of 0:0:0:8, the other 4 have much bigger values that are all over the place
  • try to copy paste the 0:0:0:8 into the other tracks
  • when pressing enter, the value in offset changes to random huge values like 27:1:3:93
  • try to put 0:0:0:0 enter, result
  • try to put 0.0001 enter, result something like

Even after trying every kind of input for one hour I cannot get the offsets to 0 or even close to zero. Disabling the tempo track leads to other high random numbers.

I have not tried, but I think this random result thingy applies to all fields where I can put a timecode in the recent version.

Need help please :pleading_face:

We will check this and get back.

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Start and End of the recorded clips were not aligned, that will be fixed with the next update.

Thanks, but what about not beeing able to enter a number for the offset?

Tried to reproduce this, but to no avail. Please check this again with the upcoming version (should be today), thanks.