Offset rhythmically

In order to make my project looks right, I’ve changed some settings, one of them was: Notation Options/Voices/Ordering Multiple Voices/Allow noteheads to overlap. BUT, in this case (second bar) I don’t need that, I need the second voice lower F in the left hand to move a little bit to the right so it doesn’t overlap the other F.
How can I move notes horizontally without affecting the rest? I’ve tried to use the Offset option but it didn’t make any change.
Screenshot 2024-01-31 233335

Select the stem of the downstem note, and in Engrave mode, set the Voice Column to 1 (or maybe it’s 2…)

There’s also a Notation Option to not allow dotted and undotted to overlap.

Perfect! Thanks a lot!

No. As I said in my first post, I need that option selected for the rest.

Just to clarify, there is one setting for overlapping noteheads, and another setting for overlapping if one is dotted and one is not.

I would assume you want noteheads to overlap, unless one is dotted and one is not. There’s a setting for that.

Yes. I’ve both selected. Necessary for the project, but not in that only case. :wink: