Offsetting barlines on adjacent systems

Is there a way to stop Dorico from aligning barlines on adjacent systems when they contain identical musical material? I’ve had an instance recently where a four-bar phrase is stated four times, and the optimal layout would have been four bars per system, but this would result in four identical-looking systems, increasing the risk of losing your place on the page.

The first image shows what Behind Bars recommends, and the second image is how Dorico spaces the same passage.

You could try adding a Note Spacing Change at the start of bar 5; and then another at bar 9 to reset the change.
I’m not sure whether this would change anything, as all the values would still be relative to a justified system of 4 bars.

Otherwise, you’ll have to move things by hand.

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As @benwiggy suggests, Note Spacing changes will achieve this.

(Both the change and the reset need to be on the same system - else Dorico’s justification algorithm cancels it out))


Thanks, @benwiggy and @Janus – that works well.