Offsetting one voice

Something went wrong with a part in a file I imported into Dorico as XML. At a certain point, the harp part is offset to the right by one quarter note. Is there a way to move that entire passage one quarter note to the left?

You should be able to turn on Insert Mode and then delete a quarter note in the harp part; the rest of the part will reflow. (In Write mode, click on the quarter note you want to delete, press I to enter insert mode, and press delete.)

I experienced this last night not in one place of an XML import but in many places, not always at the same place for all the instruments in a score. I suspect that in some cases this had to do with multiple layers and perhaps rest measures automatically filled with rests in a Finale export. Not sure I want to spend much time diagnosing. Would rather enter new material from scratch than reproduce Finale files.

Well, it didn’t really work. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it’s a harp part with cross-staff notes, hidden rests, tremolos and all sorts of other problematic elements. I discovered a mistake in the original Finale file (not enough beats in one of the measures) and it was interesting to see how the XML export messed things up! I ended up fixing the original and re-exporting it.

I would be curious to see how that insert mode edit went wrong anyway, it really should work if you edit the voice that crossed notes originate in. If you’re happy to share a problematic MusicXML file, I’d be happy to take a look.