Offsetting the Ruler in Cubase?

Is there any way to change/move the zero starting point on the ruler in Cubase?

Here’s my scenario:

A client records several takes

I mix each take down separately (or even as a whole) to put onto a CD.

I burn a CD (in Wavelab) with a track number for each take.

The client listens and comes back to edit the takes and says: "Give me take 4 from 0:00 to 1:23 and Take 2 from 1:22 to 3:19, etc.

The problem here is all of his his CD track starts at zero on his CD player and take 4 in the Cubase project might be at 22:13.

It would be great if there was a way to move the zero point in the ruler for this purpose. Any suggestions or workarounds will be greatly appreciated.


Project Setup

Ah yes, of course. Thanks for that.

But if that’s the only way, it won’t work very well for my application. Because I need to change it perhaps several times a minute when doing editing. But I will try it just the same.

Perhaps this could become a feature request, a right click or a key/click that would move the zero point to the cursor.

“Set timecode at cursor” can be set to a keycommand, you´ll have to specify the 0:00:00:000 each time though

That’s it! That will work dandy.

I love these forum thingies.

Thanks fellows.