Often crash on w10 @ulf

Hi Ulf,
I often have this crash on a machine with Dorico so much so that I don’t really trust him anymore on this machine. It’s on Windows 10 without a sound card, I rarely use audio with Dorico.

If you have a moment to study this (it’s not urgent) with the file sent via email too big 7.2M
BEst regards

Hi Dup, already just looking at the screenshot, I can tell you that it is not a Dorico problem . It is either a low level driver problem or hardware problem.
See, a normal program can:t crash Windows to this blue screen. Only badly written device drivers, bugs in the operating system or hardware issues can bring down Window to this point
Do you have a smartphone that you could scan the QRC with that is shown on the blue screen. And then have a google search on the error code that is shown.
Good luck

Hi Ulf,
great thanks for looking so fast.
The QRC scan, it doesn’t give much except the famous BSOD error.

I know a little when this happens, after having already opened dorico once then exit and then after working with another program, and then I open a project again in Dorico and I want to zoom: BSOD. So I suspect either a graphics problem perhaps the graphics card driver…this computer is quite old and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 graphics card. Or a program that has not yet finished unloading everything from memory.

I’m not going to invest too much time on this.

Anyway, thanks for watching.

That with your graphics card is a good hint. Especially the GeForce cards are quite known for trouble making, and I would watch out for the latest available driver.
Good luck