Often, Dorico 3.0.10 does not detect tapping of MacBook trackpad correctly.

I found the reason why Dorico 3 has a GUI-respond problem.

I do not use any mouse, but trackpad on MacBook Pro.

Dorico recognises the contact of fingers when tapping correctly.
However, it does not recognise the release of the fingers when tapping.
To release the mouse press by tapping, I must CLICK the trackpad again.
However, it responses too slowly…

Which is related to what I asked in your other thread.

Glad you have discovered the problem.

prko, many thousands of Dorico users – myself included – are using the software on Macs exclusively using the trackpad. There is more to it than the problem as you describe it, and it is certainly not the case that Dorico in general does not recognise the end of a click. There are certain circumstances under which this happens, which we are looking into, and I am sorry that this problem is causing you inconvenience, but your assertion that this is a completely general problem and that Dorico never responds to the “mouse up” message is incorrect.

I had thought to write this to the thread you mentioned but created a new thread.

I am sorry for my incorrect assertion. I corrected the title of this thread.
I am very confused… I will try to find when it occurs.