Often used Plugins: Hot-keys, LE & Workspace

Ive got the usual suspects on my Stereo Out inserts - meters, analyzers etc - that I need to frequent heavily throughout the evolution of the project.
It’s time consuming to find the channel, then click all the “e” to get the plugs to open. (or alt+shift - “e” to open all at once)

I can create a workspace where the plugins are all up on screen, but I cannot keep the zoom and section of where i was working in the project window…it automatically reverts back to how i had it setup when i saved the workspace initially.

Can I map hot-keys or logical editor to pop open my Stereo Out metering at the stroke of a key or two?
Any other work arounds that are sufficient in terms of speed?

I do that with a midi controller and the generic remote, create a project and put your frequently used plugins in your master bus and or tracks, create a generic remote device and under vst mixer commands use the insert edit to open the plugins on the selected channel.
It doesn’t matter what plugins you have in each channel, the command opens the plugin inserted in the slot you designate.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you Sonico :slight_smile: