Ogg encoded files from WL7 missing audio


I have hundreds of audio files that are 16bit 44.1k mono wav. I used Wavelab 7.2.1 to encode them into ogg files and have encountered this issue:

All of the files have the first 50-60ms cutoff. The file starts by “jumping” into the audio. Using AudioFinder or VLC player to confirm the audio is missing and it can cleary sounds wrong as if the first part of the file is cutoff. This probably won’t affect files if they have lots of blank space at the head (as many songs do), but for tightly edited sfx files this is not good.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? I have other batch processors that are encoding these files as Ogg with no issues so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the OGG format as a whole. FYI, I used the Ogg Average bitrate 96 and 128 settings. Both bitrates cause the same issue. All Wavelab 7 encoded OGG files are missing the first 50-60ms of the original source file.

Thanks for any interest or research into this!

I can’t reproduce this problem. Maybe you are using some plugins that cause this, in your rendering process?

Nope, no plug ins used. Only encoding the wav’s as OGG.

I just reviewed over 200 files yesterday encoded at both 96kbps and 128 and all of them are missing the first 50-60ms of audio from the source file when encoding with WL7.

Can I send you a couple examples somehow?

I just need one file. I tried with a file starting with a beat hence it was easy to see nothing was cut out. I would be curious to see a counter example.

Well I’d be happy to send you one of the files I have that are certainly not correct. How do I submit a file to you?

Thanks for your willingness to look into the issue.

I sent you a PM.

Thanks PG,
I received the pm and will follow up with you on Thurs. I’m finishing a 6month project up tomorrow and all my attention has been focused on that goal this past week.

Thanks again for being willing to check into the issue.

I sent you the files today. 2 original wav files as well as 2 ogg encoded files that are missing audio from the top of the file.

Thanks for checking into this PG. I’ll look forward to your findings.