Ogg in Encoder Checker

I noticed this in 8.5 and commented on it, thinking it might be a glitch, but I just noticed it again in Wavelab 9 so I ‘guess’ it must be correct. Frequency response of Ogg is identical to source (within meter limits), so perfect I originally thought it couldn’t be right. Quite unlike the response differences of AAC and MP3. Possibly worth checking out if you’ve never compared it. I can’t imagine it’s only on my system.

This is because the compression ratio is much lower. Less compressed, means better quality, but then bigger files.

Thanks PG. You might have told me that before and I forgot about it. Even so 10MB vs 7.2MB doesn’t seem like much to me. But 320k CBR MP3 is very close in size to 350 ABR Ogg, so I’ll check out how that looks tomorrow.

Look at the compression ratio indicator in the left bottom corner.

Thanks PG. I hadn’t noticed that. But even if I adjust the separate encoder settings to get the same compression ratios, Ogg still looks quite a bit better than either AAC or MP3. But not being able to play Ogg in iTunes without an add-on is a downside.

One thing I noticed while doing this is that the Ogg VBR Quality settings don’t seem to effect the file size like the help file says they should. On my system, Win 7 64 Wavelab Pro 9 64, only the “0” Quality file is smaller. Quality “1-10” all create the same size files. And I get the same thing in Wavelab 8. Could you check it out?

I see nothing wrong. If you find a strange case, please tell me which encoding settings you are using, exactly.

If I render a 4 minute song with Ogg VBR quality 0, the result file size is 1.8 MB.
If I render the same song with Ogg VBR quality 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10, the result file size is 12.8 MB.
The result file size is the same for all those quality settings, while the manual says the file sizes should be different. And I would expect them to be different.
And if I run a file compare of the VBR quality 1 file vs the VBR quality 10 file, Wavelab says the files are identical.

Also, the compression ratio is the same in the Encoder Checker for a particular song if I set the VBR quality to 1 or to 10. Only VBR quality 0 changes the compression ratio in the Encoder Checker.

You are right. The VBR quality setting was not transmitted correctly to the encoder. This will be fixed in 9.0.20
Thanks for your findings.