Oh that dreaded e-licenser!

The e-licenser control center was messing up my Logic Pro. I can’t even use it now. I regret that I downloaded e-licenser. When I bought the UR22C I had high hopes. I never dreamed that it would prevent me from using my Logic Pro. It freezes up when it says “updating information about Audio Unit plug-ins…” Then when I quit the application. The thing choking it up is a elicenser pos error message which says: “synsoacc.bundle could not be located.
Please help me clean this virus off my Logic Pro. It is useless and holding up our production time. I’m paralyzed because of e-licenser. I want it cleaned out of my computer and out of my Logic Pro. Please. I have Mac Catalina 10.15.7
Logic Pro 10.6.3

Why do you installed the eLCC anyway?
It’s not necessary for the UR22C to use it as an interface.

OTOH to use the included AU plugins you need to register the eLCC with Steinberg and activate the system. Then you can use the included plugins with Logic if you want.

All software management for Steinberg software uses the system provided from the platform. Uninstall the unwanted software as you would do with all other software.

It came with the bundle and it installed on my Mac. I’ll follow your instructions and try to get it off. Thanks.

The bundle is additional software not necessary for use as interface. It brings some comfort functions and the possibility to make settings inside the UR22C
Make sure to keep dspMixFX and the driver.

How do I get a soft e-licenser or remove the files from my Logic Pro?
The uninstall does not remove the e-licenser. It says that there is no e-licenser connected to my computer.

What is installed now?

I followed everything and got the soft elicenser. I activated it and everything works fine. Thank you for all your help.