Oh wow, when did this happen...?

When did MIDI channels routed to multi-outs VSTis get the option to be tied to a physical mixer channel? Totally missed that one! Great addition!!! :slight_smile:

Errr what ? :slight_smile: Can you explain what it does ?

Looks the same to me. Create your Multi Vsti and set its outputs in the VST Instruments panel and the channels automatically show up in the mixer, in order. Of course then you have to create extra midi tracks to suit if you want the midi on different tracks or you want to use different midi channels.

Or am I missing something and you mean something else?

Are you talking about the presence of the VSTi’s audio channel in the inspector?

If so, at least since Cubase 6.0

I was referring to the VSTI’s output routing, in the inspector for each MIDI track. If it has been there since C6, I really wish I’d have discovered it sooner!

It has. :wink:

Damn! Always learning, eh!