Ohm Studio



Don’t know if you already have heard about it :wink:.
Idea of this tool is great, create music with others in realtime.
But i think i am to used to cubase because i just could not get warm with the handling.
Perhaps in Cubase 9 we can work together live on projects :wink:

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It’s the future, like it or not. Take notice especially if you don’t like it !!! :astonished:
The market will be flooded with product like this?
Steinberg needs to get this together befor Cubase 8 or they’ll notice the didn’t … ?
First thing I thought when I saw the “SoundCloud” integration in C6.5 was something like this.
I must admit the SoundCloud thingie was kinda lame?
Still … it’s not rocket surgery for a bunch of good programers to interface Cubase with the Web like this.
Just do it and don’t be sorry later.

Bottom line: I want this but from within Cubase :sunglasses:

I find this Ohm Studio MUCH more appealing after 59 seconds than after seeing REAPER first time.


Yes had yesterday a short session with a guy from dubai me in Germany. So i see when he moves arround patterns adds new tracks (See in an arrange window where his screen is focused). But handling with waves wsn^t as i am used to with cubase. Think its for endarrangment prdouce with cubase and just mingle everything together.

Yeah with Cubase would be killa …

Read in their homepage small company developing this idea now for 12 years,…

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The “DAW Industry” should do what the digital music instrument manufacturers did with MIDI: Create a standard!

We the people, musicians, producers, mountaineers, engineers and accountants don’t give a flying sh!t who creates the standard. We just don’t wake up one day and hear “Standards are great. We also have a new standard” and all of a sudden we have five incompatible “standards” and 20 incompatible proprietary formats. Just bite the bullet, all fine makers of DAW software and everybody will love you, id you did what the MIDI makers did!

Because, let’s face it, it’s inevitable!

It supports VST & ASIO, what more do you need?

On a side note, I’ve been messing with Karl Steinbergs’ DM plugin/container. It doesn’t support MIDI, which I guess is ok since you can put it on a bus and stream audio (probably safer as well) but it seems to double the volume of the output for some reason.

I made a post about it and while it’s not the same as this getup, if Charlie goes VST3 who knows what the world will be like the next day.

fxp/fxp? :wink: biting them in the tail! :smiling_imp:

I still can’t have an platform/environment to exchange files with … say a diehard Sonar user who also is the perfect drummer for some project.

You promised last time that you’d bite the bullet on presets!

Now why is it up to the host to remember?


Oh and for presets you have a sync button to update your synth and give those presets to the other dudes in the project. Tested with sylenth1.

I think he means how can i make sure that the song sound same on both sides. Because if your partner frickles around and makes a new preset how should your synth know this, and how see above.

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Right but unless there is at least the same monitors?

I use Avantone for everything, no point using anything else for the mp3 generation.

Great that it has Freeze implemented as a standard feature though.

Don’t like the fact it requires a massive screen however to get at the effects and instruments.


I wasn’t talikng about such small difference like how sounds the same song on different equipment.
More about what tones the plugins produce. You can make differnt sound with each synth like a bass or a lead and even leads and basses are different depending on the setting. So its impotant imo to have same presets.

Same monitors why like this you can test in the mix already if it sounds good on diffrent equipment ^^

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If it sounds good on broadcast quality monitors, there should be no problem with anything else unless heavily colored.

Shame it needs to be online to use though.

Shame it needs to be online to use though.

Need to google :wink: why that.

I know that the big MeyerSound linearry needs to be online to calculate in realtime best equalizing for the place where they shall sound but monitors’?


Huh? :confused:

Is this your only username?

That’s the point, if you have avantone, the space around you matters less.

And what about multiple outputs, it seems it only works for stereo??

HowlingUlf hat geschrieben:Huh? > :confused:

Is this your only username?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

K but how does this work? Would understand it if you move from there to there with your monitors but once you put them up meassuered them to your room with equalising (like KRKs ergo) why you need to be always online?

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you think I have more? :confused:

And what about multiple outputs, it seems it only works for stereo??

If you need this than apply to their forum and post your wish, program is in open beta so still not finsihed :wink:

But i really would prefer to have this collaboration gimmick in cubase.

Greetz Bassbase

No, but the fact that you edited your post might infer that you have something to hide :wink: