Ok, Here's One For Ya!

I loaded a previous song project so I could use it’s drum and bass tracks. (all midi)
I then deleted all the audio. (gtr tracks and voc tracks) There was absolutely no audio left, just midi and instrument tracks.
When I went to play the song, there were 8 bars of vocal audio at bar 17, 4 bars of which were playing through and the other 4 weren’t but you could hear it choke off whenever I hit stop. There were absolutely no audio parts visible and they were playing on tracks 7 & 8.
So, I purged the audio pool of any audio. It still played! So, I removed all pertinent audio from the project file, completely off my hd. It STILL played. I then closed Cubase and relaunched it but the darn parts wouldn’t go away! It wasn’t until I deleted tracks 7 & 8 that it finally stopped! I recreated those tracks for further use and went on my way but wow! Anyone know what happened there? How could Cubase play parts that were no longer on the project page, in the audio pool or on my hd? I’d be amused to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Was that audio track using Melodyne?

That’s a good question! It seems the only explanation but the song was originally written before I purchased my first version of Melodyne Plugin. Also, no sign of it on any other track in the song which would have been unusual in my case. There were two different vocal tracks of the same vocal part, panned left and right on tracks 7 & 8 but the fact that it was conceived before any of my Melodyne purchases rules it out.
Still a mystery. :slight_smile: