ok, I really want to like this program but

So much is well done, exactly what a mastering engineer needs, but there are issues which make it impossible (see my other threads too)–

DISPLAY ISSUES render the program useless (hangs) or menus don’t appear when working in a dual monitor setup with different resolutions:

  • Right-click menus are grossly oversized and off-screen, context menus are completely unreadable/unusable (see attached)

  • Master Section window should to stay fixed or Always on Top when on 2nd monitor. Currently it disappears completely when I open Inspector>Track montage effects. Need to see both of these windows simultaneously to tweak a track EQ while viewing master bus plugin VU meter, for example.

  • Master Section window could be resizable (including plugins within)

Feature requests, once the display stuff is fixed-

  • Add dynamic range meter to the LUFS meter window

  • Make space bar re-programmable. It is a locked hotkey, cannot modify. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Make it act like Cubase Play/Stop

One of the fantastic things about WL is that it’s configurable to your preferences. So, for example, Inspector can be docked anywhere (it does not have to live behind the master section). Docking it elsewhere leaves the master section ‘on top’.

The master section is already resizable?

I run two screens for a period resembling forever and have not come across the oversize menu as yet … by chance are you working from a laptop and HDMI connection? Edit: I just saw your other post on screens and resolutions.

Looking at your screenshot of the oversized menu, do you have more than one display, and are they at different resolutions? It reminds me of problems I’ve seen using a Surface Pro (which has a ridiculous resolution 2736x1824 on a small screen) with an attached FHD (1920x1080) external display.

Yes, as I said, I have 2 displays running at different resolutions, I don’t think this is unreasonable in a studio environment. Both are coming out of the same video card, one DVI and one HDMI.

Cubase handles it by enlarging everything sent to the smaller secondary monitor (configured to extend desktop to the right of main monitor) which actually helps plugin windows be more visible on this screen which is mounted further away.

Wavelab also auto-enlarges Control Window #1-4 but NOT the Master Section Window (which contains 3rd party plugins) and is not rescaled.

Apologies, I overlooked that detail!

Neither does anyone else, but IMHO the problem lies with Windows 10. Even some of Microsoft’s own products exhibit strange behaviour, for example, if you’re working on the hi-res display and summon up a dialog, it appears on the wrong (lower-res) display at a huge size.

I know what you’re going to say – it only happens to you with these two applications, and yes, it’s accepted that currently both Cubase and WaveLab have Hi-DPI issues – but, in my experience Windows 10 still has significant problems handling multiple displays with different resolutions.

Me? I’m pragmatic so I got rid of the Surface Pro and now use only dispays with matching resolutions; it’s not worth the hassle of swimming upstream all the time.

Thanks, using multiple monitors as same resolution would be great, but not always practical given the studio working arrangement. For example, I have a 40" touchscreen and an additional monitor that “just fits” in an open area of the studio.

This is a Wavelab issue. Cubase handles the displays much better. I have created a Workspace that deals with it, for now, allowing SOME sub-windows to be placed on the 2nd screen. It’s a compromise, not a pro setup.

Use this:

I disabled High DPI and I’m not sure it’s made a difference. This may be why I can get SOME sub-windows (meters and such) on the 2nd monitor without the top menus and right-click menus going nuts. I’ll play with it some more and report back any findings. Thanks