Ok Ok , apology and confession to the MR dev's

Ok , im ugly enough to admit ive been completely over the top about the MR remote , but today i decided to dig a bit deeper and find out why others have been managing to get encoders to work with the QC’s and all mine jump erratically , it turns out that my controller for the control room and Qc’s had the encoders set on accelerate . Now with the encoders set OFF and pick up set to on everything is working fan dabby doozy (yes you can call me doozy or worse if you like ) So it seems that it’s a case of my complete ignorance for not having my control room controller working properly .
I’m pretty sure when i get the guts to try the other controllers i will find out something similar .
So this will teach me to zip la mosh and try before i bite :upside_down_face:

My apologise to the MR dev’s .


Good to hear, there are some broken areas, but on the whole I’m really pleased with the MR.

And you do have to watch how the parameters are mapped, this has caught me out a few times too. I think the scaled mode is really great if using absolute or non-motorised faders.

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Yes i ve realised there are a few different ways to map the parameters , i’ll delve a bit deeper tomorrow , im just happy to have all the control room functions back again plus all the Qc’s on one controller , it’s only an old BeatSteps but perfect for the control room . Next to find out about my Mk2 novation’s , i had issues getting buttons to work on both my Keyboard and the Zero , i know they are old but they send CC so they’ll do until the whole MR has been ironed out plus it’ll teach me a thing or two about the app

Finally , after loads of faffing about :joy: Damn you Steinberg , damn You , it all works :rofl: :upside_down_face:


I’m only struggling with two remaining limitations of the (non scripted) MIDI Remote and therefore am still using the Generic Remote for these:

  • Motorized faders and other bi-directional controls in absolute CC mode.
  • Manipulating audio insert fx in a convenient “selected” track/channel by insert position way. Having to do previous/next commands to get to different insert slots is still a significant workflow detriment compared to having a single control being able to get to the 5th insert on the selected track/channel.

Instrument control is now quite amazing (since 12.0.52 I think), since it now allows access to more than 8 parameters on the “selected” track. A very large leap forward compared to Quick Controls.

So for my use case, I find the MIDI Remote (without scripting) has been getting closer to being a full replacement for the Generic Remote.

Todate I have liberally used both the new MIDI Remote and the old Generic Remote simultaneously, but for different parts of the same hardware controllers. e.g.

  • Instruments
    • MIDI Remote
      • buttons
      • uni-directional faders and knobs
      • relative CC capable encoders
  • Generic Remote
    • motorized faders
    • bi-directional encoders for absolute CC mode
  • Inserts
    • Generic Remote
      • for everything

Personally, it’s better than the Generic Remote for me now, by a far margin.

But that’s mainly because paging through the instrument parameters is such a big factor for me. But not only that, the mapping is so much quicker on the fly and having the visual representation for devices that have no feedback is superb.

I’ve never had so much use out of my nanoKontrol2, I can just lay it on top of my MIDI controllers and has been great for instruments - 16 parameters, faders on the drawbars lovely stuff! Out of all the controllers I have, I’m finding myself reaching for this everytime.

I really want to get something like the Studiologic Mixface now, but it seems quite expensive for what it is. But that would be great for instruments and is designed to sit ontop of a master controller KB.

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Oooh. Nektar showed off a new channel strip controller at NAMM that has buttons to do just that! Right next to the knobs, it had a strip of 8 vertical buttons, with an A/B bank button, that let you run through the inserts. Looked pretty awesome, but no release date was mentioned.

In the sonicstate video on it, the said they targeted August release but that was only logic support first, they would stagger the other DAW’s later

Edit. sadly I don’t know how to quote in this forum yet, but this was about Monotrematas comment about the new Nektar controller.

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You did it right, it notified me you replied to my post. If you want to quote, when the reply box opens at the bottom, you have to click that little speech bubble icon on the left and it will insert the post you replied to. Otherwise the poster just gets a notice someone replied and you have to follow that trail.

Accepted! :heart: