ok...some good ones here !!!!!

ok…can we have track versions have there own automation tracks…or a option to…because u cannot save automation takes…or an idea…track versions with different settings on them …like inserts and eq’s,sends…so u can have different sounds on a single track…but has to be a option…and when u switch between versions have the other tracks out of cpu…like hard bypassed ???hmm…i like versions own automation cause u can save multiple passes and switch between them…i dont know if thats hard to do…anyway track versions are killer!!!..ok more…why are we limited to 4 monitors,cues,phones? can we have a per project amount of cues and phones and global monitors also i need the ability to have 2 monitors on at the same time…we have monitors in the studio and i have to use a power amp with a a/b speaker switch on it…also this would come in handy if you have a sub and want to turn it on with a normal set of monitors…hmmmm good!!! more to come

My FR: Please make easier to read :wink:

@ digitalson:
There’s something wrong with your computer keyboard, especially the ‘.’, ‘!’ and ‘?’ keys, and the ‘Enter’-key seems to be broken.

I second your request for more than 4 cues - we use the control room for monitoring on stage, and it’s currently limited to 4 separate IEM mixes / musicians because of this.

well u get the idea, automation for track versions, yes or no?
i think it would be cool if u want to do some diff automation passes and save them…
also the different track settings per track versions im not sure about,it would be nice if u wanted a diff sound in the chorus of a song (automate able of course). i just dup the track and take out what im not using …but deff the automation.
and for cues,we did a 8 piece string section once and everyone wanted a separate phone mix, i just used all the aux sends in pre mode…i had to use 2 samsom s phones ,each has 4 sep phone channels…it was a pita!!!
as far as monitors do u think 4 is enough? cause i have 4 just on top of the board as well as studio monitors and a sub,why cant we have as many as we want and switch on more than one at a time, it would be nice to switch the sub on a set of full range monitors,yes?

c’mon anyone?