Ok, time for a song

Hello :slight_smile:

Time to post a tune; it’ll be the first in the new forum. How many did I post in the old forum? I dunno - lost count after 12,345. :laughing:

Anyway, here it is:

Every Waking Moment

Thoughts appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh, and ignore the other post… :unamused:

Excellent work Jeff. This would slot nicely into a movie. If that’s your aim? Mission accomplished :sunglasses:
12,345 in the old forum? Hmm, I thought it was 12,344 but you could have sneaked one in while I was away or something :smiley:


Too short! :astonished: I was just starting to lose myself in it…and then it ended :confused:

BUT very nicely assembled and mixed. Nice haunting theme with plenty of drama. Just how I like it. Great job! :slight_smile:

Thanks gents. :slight_smile:

Pay attention, damnit! :smiling_imp:

Yep - it sounds real good, though I agree that it’s kinda short. You’ve often posted soundtrack pieces here,
Jeff, but since you called this one a ‘song’, I was sorta waiting for the vocal to come in, or maybe a soaring guitar
part, and maybe even a bridge of some sort.
'Suppose that’s what I get for ‘assuming’. :laughing:

I recalled this tune today on my way to work and I segue’d into Hell’s Bells :open_mouth:
That’s a good sign, trust me :sunglasses:

Thanks, Lenny. :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe I should not have called it a song. Maybe the thread title should have been Ok, time for Music Library Track. :sunglasses:

Trust you, Phil? Trust you??? :laughing:

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear new work from you!
Sounds very good.

I agree it could be longer, and I second Lenny’s suggestion for a soaring guitar. :sunglasses:


I like what Lenny said…a screaming guitar dropping in would sound great. As for the movie soundtrack… +1

As an opening theme for a TV show, perfect. Don’t think it needs anything else.

Good to see you still kicking. :wink:

Thanks guys.

Yup, Jet, still kickin’!

yep, good music for film stuff :slight_smile:

More of a phrase than a song, YFC. :wink:

Bump. I like what you do! Plus it’s nice to have met you…twice! :smiley: