OK to have different speed DDR3 RAM (PC-12800, 10600, etc)?

I’m DDR3 PC3-12800 4GB x2 on my ASRock Z77 Pro4. Was thinking of just adding 2GBx2…ie 8GB ->12GB.

What if they are diff PC3-_____? Do I need to install the new (smaller) RAM in particular slots (1,2,3,4)??


Your better off buying pairs or a complete set and you can’t mix and match speeds so if your on 10600 and want to go to 12800 you have to renew all your ram , Why don’t you try the 16000 , your machine will fly then :wink:

Sorry for late reply…

Would all of the ram default to the slowest speed, if I have diff speeds? Is 16000 a significant performance jump? On a side note, I don’t often see a 12gb system…it’s usually 8, 16, 32gb etc. Any issues with going 4gb x2 + 2GB x2?

I’ll look into going up to 16000. I just wanted a lil performance nudge…and didn’t really want to spend over $100. I was unaware (until JUST now) of the significant ram price increases since my last build 1.5 years ago :imp:

I’ve OC’d past systems before and may look into that also.

THANKS!! :mrgreen: