OK to open 8.5 projects in 9?

Just wondering how this is working out for everyone. Or do you think it’s just a bad idea that should not be tried?


Works fine for me.

Yeah, cubase 8.5 works fine here on Cubase 9.0.1 even though i’m experiencing some lag/bad performance issues with Cubase 9 (and the same project works fine on cubase 8.5)

I’ve never had an issue with opening a Project in a newer version of Cubase than the one it was created with (except things like discontinued plugs being missing). It also works the other way fine - opening 9 Projects in 8.5, 8, etc (again stuff associated with new features won’t be there).

But if you are concerned, open the project in 8.5 do a Save As and give it a name like “Project ABC 8-5” then you’ll have that version just in case. Then you can open “Project ABC” in C9 with peace of mind.

Works fine here, like always I have to say.
But I have project root folders called Cubase7, Cubase8 and Cubase9
When I want to work on an older project made with Cubase 7 I open it in Cubase 9 and do a backup from inside Cubase and move it to the Cubase9 folder.
That way I’m I always working on a copy.

Thanks everyone for the responses. They were just what I was looking for.

Just opened a couple of Cubase SX projects in Cubase 9 - other than a few 32bit plug ins being unavailable and the (Cubase 8?) filter steepness changes everything works fine!

Here is a chart that shows what versions of Cubase can open Projects created with a different version. Their backwards compatibility is far superior to lots of software out there (MS Word I’m looking at you).

My projects created with Cubase 8.5 Pro using 32 bit Powercore plugs using the native bridging, load properly in Cubase 9 Pro with the JBridged versions. That’s a bonus that I wasn’t expecting:)

No problems for me, I tested several projects 8+ years or older.

I tried a C9 project in 8.5 & to my surprise it opened w/o any compatibility warning messages. I worked with it for a while just to see if it would crash or cause problems but it ran fine.

I don’t plan on keeping the project, not sure what might happen down the line.

I once took an 8.0 project that used some 8 only features and opened it in 7.5. Of course in 7.5 it didn’t show the 8 only features. Then I saved that as a 7.5 project. When I opened that 7.5 project in 8.0 I was pleasantly surprised to see that it still retained the initial 8 only features.

works fine for me

work fine for me, after sorting and Jbridge some plugins that wont load in C9

I am importing 7.5 projects, works fine. Steinberg surely deservs some credit for this! :slight_smile:

It works fine here but I have experienced some lag the other way round (9 -> 8.5) :slight_smile: