OK to Split Melodyne Clips?

Well, I remember how amazed I was . . . you can actually split Melodyne clips in Cubase 12 !
Yay for ARA2 ! Very cool, except now I have a kind of corrupted project . . . and I’m wondering if splitting Melodyne clips caused this, because it was one of the last things I recall doing in the project.

So, the project opens and saves OK . . . but closing the project exits Cubase 12 kind of abruptly.
When opening the project next day, I am forced to open in Safe Mode, but everything seems to be working properly.
So, my question is . . . is splitting Melodyne clips OK, anyone else had issues with this ?
It’s also possible that I’ve done something incorrect with 3rd party plugins, but the only 3rd part plugins used are a few iZotope plugs. Just want to rescue my project, 'cuz it’s a good one.

crickets . . .

I would go through and bounce those Melodyne Edits and see what you get. I would do this on a Project\Save New Version

Also, Melodyne needs a pretty high audio buffer setting in your DAW to run correctly

Izotope plugins suck the CPU as well from my experience.

Hi shanabit . . . thanks for the reply . . . yes, my audio buffers are maxed out, as I’m in the mixing stage of my projects. When I try to flatten some of the Melodyne clips to simplify the project, weird things happen such as volume levels of clips changing drastically, or even multiple clips totally disappear . . . it’s become quite a mess.