OK, what's the best replacement for 'Tonic'

Anybody found a good replacement for the now discontinued ‘Tonic’ plugin?

Something that sounds equally as sweet and nasty

Oooh and cheap too!

Do you still have the old .dll? I may be wrong, but can’t you just drag it over to the VST Plugins folder of NU5?

Tonic works smootlhy on 64bit Nuendo 5.5. It was installed by default, or not ?? I don’t think I’ve ever copied/touched it.


He’s on 10.7, so Tonic won’t work. (Non Intel)
I find fabfilter’s volcano quite capable, it’s more complex, tough.


Oh, sorry - I didn’t realize that he’s in OSX-land. I just read the “Intel”-part in the sig. - This makes things more complicated, of course. :mrgreen:

… what about the OhmForce-stuff …? E.g. → Ohmygod (commercial product).

KVR search for free Filter plugins (VST / MAC / Intel only) brings up this list:

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