OK, What's The Trick To Trip?

So I installed the Halion Sonic SE2 Additional Content. It said it installed correctly. 3.1gb.

So… how does it actually ‘work’? I open it as an Instrument. It -says- HSSE2. And I can select instruments. Good. And on some instruments I see the L1, L2 buttons.

But… how does one access Trip? Are there specific presets that use it? Is it a separate ‘Library’ that’s not there?




I don’t usually post to read the manual, but in this case I just have to. There is an extra manual for HSSE2 that explains all that. You can find it by clicking on “Help -> Documentation -> HALion Sonic SE”


Try typing “Trip” in the search field.

Yes, theres a special library for trip if you use the filter search in Halion. Only some specific presets use it.

Can you give me one preset name that uses Trip so I can find it? I tried sorting by ‘Library’ and see no presets that use the Trip Library.



Type “trip” in the search field and 156 patches using trip will be available.

Now, Mr. Dongo could you kindly explain, why if I write that, you delete my post, while if someone else writes it, it seems to be ok? Is there any particular reason, apart from your obvious dislike for me…?



Are the first three presets for “Trip”
Hurry up, it certainly will be deleted again…

Open the Library, make sure the Filter and Location Tree are visible.
In the first category slot on the left, click and find “Audio-Assets”. Select “Library Name”.

Up top, uncheck the uppermost Halion Sonic SE folder. Choose: Keep. Recheck the folder. The database should now be current and you will find the Halion Sonic SE Trip category in the left column along with the other HSSE library-type parent preset categories.

The problem (although minor) with using the finder to locate “Trip” is that a few false listings will show up that are not actual Trip presets. But it is quicker than what I’ve explained and it gets you in the ballpark.

Cool. That did the trick. Big cheers.

Now, as is my wont, I have a couple of comments:

  1. I think there is a bug in here. Call me stupid, but I almost never remember to ‘Search’ in the dropdown list because it doesn’t -look- like a typical Search Box.

So what I was doing was sorting the entire list by Library and looking for patches or a Library with ‘Trip’ in it. There were NONE. Really.

But when I took WillyNanita’s suggestion and typed ‘Trip’ into the Search bar, the Results pane did appear with all the Trip patches. Good. And then the next time I looked at the entire list, it had magically re-populated itself with the Sonic SE Trip Library.

I think the gizmo needed to ‘re-index’ itself. Because I’m 200% sure it was NOT displaying the Trip patches -before- I did the Search.

  1. The Search Results to -me- is silly. Why doesn’t it display all the various columns like ‘Library’? It has a completely different look… far more geeky than the regular list of patches.

  2. Luis, I did look @ the manual. It nicely explains the functionality of Trip, but I think there should be at least one sentence that says: You access the Trip synthesiser whenever you load a patch from the selection of instruments with the Library ‘Halion Sonic SE Trip’. It assumes you already know how to find these things.

There has always been a tendency to treat people who ask ‘obvious’ questions like morons or pirates. Or both. To my mind, something foundational like a dropdown list and Search should be DEAD SIMPLE. And frankly, I think the current system is too frickin’ convoluted for its own good. I think this problem is a combination of my being a dumb musician, overly complicated design -and- a tiny installation bug which I hope you’ll look at. Since people who post here are registered users, it seems like, if they have problems, the first question s.b. 'How can we make the program -easier- and not just assume. I know that’s hard because a LOT of us (me included) ARE impatient idiots and customer service wears -everyone- out. But we deserve the benefit of the doubt. Until you can’t take it anymore, of course. :smiley:


That sounds reasonable to me. There are all kinds of creative people in this world, and we all think in slightly different ways. If you’re using Cubase to start with, you’re not stupid. We should all remember that. Sometimes, read the manual is the right answer, but delivered delicately. It’s no fun to hear. I find the majority here to be patient and polite, as were all but one of the posters on this thread. I’ll never change my screen name to something like “Mr. Big Brain”. That would just scream of insecurity and internet tough guy issues. I’ve spent probably thousands of hours on forums and I’ve seen the gamut. It is as it will always be.

Yes, I’ve just been warned by Mr Dongo for an innocuous post. Maybe we’re not nasty enough? :laughing: I suppose if the board just wants humourless nodding dogs that’s what it deserves.

To the OP Trip is a funny one and I spent some time tracking it down looking for the “Trip” button. :laughing: Simply (and for others if you’ve already sussed it but haven’t got the hang of search) go into the presets and scroll down to the "T"s (and on to TR… etc) and you’ll find a couple of the more obvious Trip examples there.

And frankly, I think the current system is too frickin’ convoluted for its own good

Definitely in some areas it’s over engineered. I have to be careful what I say apparently as there is a forum apparatchik on the loose warning people about saying that and threatening “suspension”. Common sense is, apparently, not allowed. Especially if one has read a book. :mrgreen:

I just upgraded from Cubase7 to 7.5 …and ‘Trip’ is nowhere to be found. I need help.

I have 3 current licenses on my dongle - (1.) Cubase 7.5 (2.) Connect Pro (3.) Granular Symphonies

Am I needing to activate or register something else? Do I need a seperate licence activation on my dongle to be able to see ‘Trip’ ??

No you don’ t need a special license. Have you also downloaded and installed the additional content files for HSSE 2?

I believe that I have. It was something like 3 Gigs …should I try and download it again? Shouldnt it be readily visible?

heres a picture …

Please read my (lengthy) post above in reply to WillyNanita. It’s a combination of poor documentation a tiny bug and a pretty convoluted preset system.

I think it would be better if SB had advertised Trip as NI did Kore. ie. you’re not getting a ‘Synthesiser’, you’re getting PRESETS from a Synthesiser. IOW: Search for presets that -use- the Trip Library, don’t bother searching for a ‘Trip’ button of some sort. As with the rest of HSSE you’re getting presets of the thing and not the thing itself… if that makes sense.

All SB had to do was add one or two sentences to the docs:

“To experience the AMAZING POWER of Trip, start by opening Search and locating for any of the over 150 presets which make use of the Trip Library.”


Thank you yes I read it but still dont see anything anywhere that says Trip when I type Trip into the search…thanks anyway.

Try searching for ‘Wiretap’.



I typed “Wiretap” …no results shown

I… got nothin’.

  1. Re-install and try again.
  2. Fill out a support ticket. It -seems- as though SB response (at least in Amerikay) have gotten a lot better.