OK, Who's got the biggest baddest PC or Mac hardware here?

Let’s hear it. If you’ve got a mega PC or Mac config, let’s hear about it, and how well it works in practice.

I’m starting to research what I want for my next gen Cubase machine. I’ve heard rumours that not every hardware combination is as successful as the on paper spec might indicate, so I thought it would be very useful, informative and entertaining to hear a few stories from those already running state of the art machines, what the hardware combo is, and how well it is working for you.

Not all hardware is created equal, and carefully chosen hardware can give results much better than other apparently similar hardware from a different vendor. A case in point, if you check out my signature, you can see I am running a 9 year old mobo with a 6 year old CPU and only 8GB ram, and yet it is working really well for Cubase. It’s now time to upgrade though and get a lot more grunt and headroom into my setup, so I’m looking for real-world practical advice on what hardware works best.

So let’s hear it.


I’ve got small hands but my PC isn’t too bad…

Mine too :sunglasses: :mrgreen:

My Skylake Hackintosh works really well with Cubase. Cubase/Windows 10 also works fine on the same hardware.

i7700K here generally overclocked a little, 16Gb RAM will be upped to 32Gb I think after a little research. GTX 1080 video card not doing much for Cubase but I guess I’m ready for a virtual reality DAW interface! All SSD drives. The best tool though is an ultrawide 1440p screen. I can’t believe I was going to buy an expensive iMac when I already had this gaming PC. Turned out Windows wasn’t so scary after all.