OK.. wow...

Didn’t see that coming…


I’m guessing you mean that in a bad way?
I’m a little underwhelmed by this annoucement…
Seems like most companies ignore user feedback and create products in a vacuum (I work at one) and then they’re surprised at the response…

Hello Aittala,

please understand that an internet forum is not the only way for us & Yamaha to get feedback. I personaly I’m very pleased with theses devices:

I do live recording with MR816’s and do not have much working space most of the time on location. But now in combination with the CC121 (editing) 1 or 2 of the FD’s (for groupchannels) and the PD (create your own shortcuts) I have a powerfull small studio that I can take with me.

That some people expected something else, well… you didn’t see this one coming so let’s wait and see, perhaps we will come again with something that you didn’t see coming…



Hello Bredo,

well, when you already own the CC121, then you have already allot of power (quick controls, channel strip etc). The FD I personaly would use for group channels, but in the otherhand, you can use it also for other channels to move the faders, and the CC121 to edit that channel. It is for everybody different I think, because it depends on your “personal” workflow".



Hello Bredo,

Yes. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. The selected channel is the CC121, and at the bottom of the group channels you will see that the selected tracks with the FD are white beneath the channel name.



I was also expecting an 8 fader controller in the quality of the CC121.

But having the CC121 myself, they seem to be a quite good addition. However, due to the lack of real faders, I hope the price is reasonable. I paid 350 euros for my CC121, I hope I won’t have to pay 100 euros for one of the surfaces. CC121 was a bit overpriced imo, but the built quality was exceptional. So yes, it cost 350 euros but is was made of solid metal. If the prices are right, I believe Steinberg will have a winner with these new controllers.

No, I didn’t mean to sound negative. I just didn’t expect this product is all.

They look cool … the modular design is a great idea, especially for mobile/laptop/small space studio work. I have never seen or touched one of these, so I don’t know if they’ll fit my work flow (I use a Mackie MCU Pro which is indispensable, Maybe…) but I’m going to find out…

Are SB going to be at the upcoming AES Convention in New York? If so make sure to bring along all these new Hardware pieces!!



hello chris let say i have 4 cmc-fd can i have 4 diferrent bank of 4 channel ?
exp : 5/9/7/8 + 12/13/14/15 + 22/23/24/25 etc

Hello Home Studio 87,

No so far I know that is not possible. Need to check it to be sure.



ok ! :frowning:
is it possible to have different track between cmc-ch & cmc-fd ?
let say cmc-ch on tracl 1 & cmc-fd on track 4/5/6/7

I don’t know much about the hardware so here is the question - currently I have M-Audio Project Mix i/o purchased in 2008. Recently was looking to replace it with something compact and up to date, and ta-da got a nice surprise with CMC. Love the look, love the portability! I assume that if I buy all 6 pieces it will not replace M-Audio as I have to buy external soundcard, correct? If so what hardware or combination from Steinberg can fully replace my M-Audio Project Mix?

look at the new usb series from steinberg : UR Series: USB 2.0 Audio Interfaces | Steinberg
this & the new controller can be nice !

My heart almost stopped when i saw the CH-module saying “Insert”, “Sends” and “EQ” … but Is there finally a way to access each individual Insert-slot within the CH-module? or FX’s? Kieran say’s in the demovideo “access Inserts, FX .et.c” All i see is “bypass” beneath the buttons of the CH-module.
I would give half my leg for a controller to access ALL area’s in Cubase fur a fullblown personalisation.

I see ChrisB responded in the negative to this, Home Studio 87 - although he did say he was going to check. But, if true, then this is disappointing. To have the FD banks (when two or more combined) only assign themselves to CONSECUTIVE channels, does not seem so useful on a 100+ track project. Presumably, this means the numbering/assignment is taken (starts) at whatever channel the first bank in the chain is set to…?

So for example, with 2, 3, or 4 units combined, you’d have something like, 1 - 8, 1 - 12, 1 - 16; 10 - 17, 10 - 21, 10 - 25; 63 - 70, 63 - 74, 63 - 78

Hope I’m wrong (and Chris is…!) about this. I’d like it as Home Studio 87 explains - if I were going for 4 FD’s, I’d want 4 different bank of 4 channels.

I’d love some clarity on that too…! Then it starts getting really useful. :slight_smile:

hahahaha… WOW… NOT! Reading through the manual and searching for answers on my previous query i.e “insert” just reveals it’s only possible to BYPASS Inserts, EQ’s and FX sends… what a bummer.

Why exactly is this so complicated to add to the software now that it seems to be the only thing missing?
I don’t get it.

So, with 4 cmc-fd, can you have four different banks of four channels.? Or once connected, are they hard-wired (designed) to work on consecutive (sets of) channels only…?

Yes, a shame…

Hmm… ok, so with ‘right hand on the mouse’, ‘left hand on the cmc’… its only maybe a little less ‘mouse-ing around’… I mean, if I have to hover the mouse to use a control (FX send amount), might as well just continue to use the mouse, since I’m already there…!?!

Really need to try a demo at a show or somewhere I guess.

It’s quite funny to see other companies like SSL, Euphonics, Mackie, Qcon Icon, Novation e.t.c lets you gain access to inserted plug-ins, on track per track basis and knowing this feature doesn’t exist in the DAW itself

Guys I owuld check this out in making your mind up what the controllers do * dont do… :smiley: