Okay another noob question, sorry...where is VSTBridge?

I’ve looked all over the manual(s) and in the program yet I cannot find any reference other than talk about it in the forum. I looked on the install CD and didn’t see anything there either. Where do I find it?


It is automatically used when you use 64bit Cubase and load 32bit VST plugins.

And don’t expect it to be able to run all plugins, it can’t. JBridge is a 3rd-party alternative. Read up elsewhere on the forum for quite a bit more…

JBridge is PC only so that doesn’t help me out. I don’t seem to have anything 32bit showing up in Cubase…will try again when I get back to the studio.

That might be a good sign! You won’t if all your plugins have 64- and 32-bit versions - only the 64-bit version should load. You should only see 32-bit versions if that’s the only version available and those are the ones that VSTBridge might fail on.

If things are mysteriously absent, check in the Plugins dialog that Cubase is pointing to the right folders.

(I’m assuming you’re on a 64-bit system because you mention the bridge but you don’t say for sure. Also bear in mind I’m on a PC. And apologies if I’m teaching my grandmother…)

I’m all Mac here and know my way around the system. I have a lot of 32 bit plugins and currently I only can use at least the VIs on VEP. Everything shows up if I run in 32 bit mode at least.


Dont forget for a plugin to show the path to its diretory (the dll file) must be shoiwing in ‘plugin information’ under the devices menu (from memory).

These things (pointing to the plugin directory) are taken care of automatically on a Mac but I did double check them. I did get it working though as I had to rescan all the plugins. Once I did that Cubase finally decided to recognize all the 32 bit plugins I had. Thanks for the help.