Okay, another thing I don't know how to do

Showing my arse here… I admit I don’t do much editing. But I’m stuck on something here. I simply want to repeat a short section… and have the existing events that follow it to be moved to make room for it. So, I’m selecting the section I want to copy, hitting “copy”, then I’m moving the cursor to the position where I want to place the copy, and then using “Paste time.” It copies the section alright, but it’s not moving all the following events forward to make room for it.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there an easier way to do this? I would have thought a “copy and insert at cursor” or a “repeat selection” that moves the existing events to make room would be a commonly used function? I bet somebody will show me the easy way to do this

Hi Twilightsong -

I looked this up a few weeks ago, and promptly forgot it … thanks so much for reminding me of that!

Page 68: Use the Edit>Range> … Cut Time and Paste Time options. Is this what you are trying to do? …

Hi alexis

I can’t use “cut time” because that cuts out the part I want to repeat. I’m pretty sure the right option is “paste time” – it’s supposed to paste what you’ve copied as well as advance the time so all existing events get pushed forward to make room. It’s not working here, however; although some of the parts/events ARE getting pushed forward, a fair number of the aren’t. I doubt it’s a bug, I would have heard about it. I’m not doing something right. I rarely do this, so I’m a bit confused

Okay, I think I figured it out. I was selecting the parts to be copied (shift+click) and then using “paste time.” Apparently this only works if you use the range tool to select what you want to repeat

Hmmm… interesting. I’ve always manually used either range tool or shift-clicked the appropriate blocks to move them out of the way so I can then insert a copied chunk from elsewhere. :confused:

So if I understand correctly this ‘paste-time’ process works for a section you want to repeat, but if say I want to insert a chorus inbetween a couple of verses, is there a more efficient way of doing that?

Well the lynchpin of the problem in my particular case is that the piece is completely rubato, which is to say, no grid. If I were sequencing to the grid, it’d be much simpler to do what you suggest – create the space and then insert the stuff you want

You’re screwed! :laughing: One thing about working to a click is editing is certainly a whole lot simpler.

But … per the other thread … there are two or three ways to force the click track to fit the music … and then one CAN work to a click (Yippee!!!).