Okay, I know this is an easy one....

But I can’t remember the parameter to change this.

When I copy Parts from one midi track to another, they keep the original midi track’s name. I know there’s a setting “inherit part name” or something, but I’ll be bedoozled if I can’t find it. I just want the copied Part to take the name of the new track once it’s copied to that track.

Thanks for your help in jostling a congealed mind.


Ahhh. Hold yer horses… “Parts get Track Name”… tick!

LOL, good on’ya, mate! :slight_smile:

If you don’t want it to always change the name and only change it once, you can ctrl-enter when inputting the track’s name and it will give all the parts that name.

Oh yeah! I forgot about that one. Very handy.