Oktave sign disappear

Hello I do have a piece where I have to use some Octave markers. But when I put them into Violin and afterwards into Cello in the same bar , they disappear in the first instrument and vc/vs. Where does that behaviour come from?


Can you say a bit more about what exactly you’re doing - how are you inputting them, are you inputting each one from scratch on each staff, or once you’ve input one are you then copying that to other staves? And do you mean octave lines (like 8va----| ) or clefs with octave indicators?

Please also share the project - or a version of it just with those bars that still behaves as you describe - so someone can investigate.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

And do you mean octave lines (like 8va----| )


I found out that the lines disappear when:
I put them into the single layout and over empty bars and than switch to Partiturview

They dont disappear:
when I put them into the instruments in the Partitur layout and not over the empty bars (and maybe not across system breaks??)

I’m afraid this is intended behaviour: properties like 8va lines are automatically propagated (=copied) to relevant part layouts, but not the other way round. As said, this is intentional, so that you can have different notations in score and parts, which is needed sometimes. If you select the 8va passage in the part and choose ‘Propagate Properties’ from the menu (I’ve no idea about the German term), the 8va should appear in the score as well.
(I’m not in Dorico at the moment, so I didn’t actually try to confirm.)

Thanx but thats not what I mean. When I put the 8va to the single Vc its shown in the partitur. When I put the 8va top the single violin its shown there and in the partitur, but than the Vc 8va disappears.
As if it os not possible to show both…

Thats what´s so strange

but when I do that all in the Partitur its ok somehow…

Ah, I see. Yes, that’s weird. Can you share the project?