Old Beast - sax mix up

funky tune with my Hammond, could use

wim HFH on sax added :smiley:


cheers desert

Very slick…like the drums, the bit between 1.39 and 2.12 is way too long IMHO…but a very acomplished piece…Kevin

This is great - very realistic and economic use of trumpet, and fabulous bass - is that you on keyboards or a real bass?


Hi Steve,
hope you’re OK , thanx for listening. This bass is a VST from spectrasonics with a realistic sound due to the keyswitch possibilities
I used the studio bass samples. The trumpet is a sample from the integra module from roland.

regards peter

Very nice piece :sunglasses:

Did you program the drums? Really good job – insightful! Keyboards of course are superb… and the trumpet sample is good and well-utilized. I tend to agree that middle section is too long, but the bigger problem with it for me is that it doesn’t make much sense – four measures, or eight at the most, would better achieve what I think you’re striving for

As I was writing this, “Scape” came on – don’t think I’d heard that one. Really gorgeous piece – :sunglasses:

Nice sound quality and the drums are great! Sounds very real. Michael

Thanx for the remarks, I edited the tune and remixed it with the suggestions included.

cheers Peter

I liked it. No new comments but, again, I particularly like the bass.

very well done. All the instruments sound real. NIce arrangement.

Thanx, the only real thing is my 40 year old Hammond A100 with a 145 leslie1

Nothing beats the real stuff.

cheers Peter

Love it! Nice groove to it.

Nice and funky. Trumpet sounds ok until you get to the part where it’s on its own. Great drums.

Didn’t hear the original prior to edits but current arrangement sounds great. The hat might be a bit loud or maybe just 2 much hi end on it. Could be the overhead mic bleed???
I love all the sounds but unfortunately the synth trumpet doesn’t cut it for me. Would be great to hear with a real player, that would put this piece over the top… but I understand expenses and not being able to get players to do this stuff :frowning:

Great writing and programing and superb playing!!!

Tasty! Loved the groove and arrangement. jw

Still a lot of good and experienced listeners on this forum.
Lot of ( positive) remarks on the bass, thats is nice and confirms the quality of this VSTi, the playing took me some time placing the glissando’s and so on on the the right spot. Tweaked it in the mix with the usual EQ.
I agree with kzander about the hihat, it is prominent. I used a stylus beat for it will have a look at the kit again. :wink:
About the trumpet…yes i prefer the real stuff, did some collabs with Wim (HFH) maybe he wants to join in :wink:
Anyway some good feedback to work on. Thank you for that.


I’ve had enough with not having access to a trumpeter… :smiley: I’ve started asking around to see if I can find someone to use for the occasional jazz piece. No guarantees but maybe we’ll collectively get lucky.

You might try to dip (wide Q) a little around 2-4k to see if that helps on hat/cymbal 2 db should really be enough… also roll off starting around 16k. Just play around with those frequency cause im just guessing :slight_smile: Did you use a limiter on that channel?
As far as Trumpet goes I can turn you on to 2 great players They won’t be free but they are worth every cent :slight_smile: and from what I hear your music deserves the best. Wim is of coarse in a class all by himself and simply one of the best players I have ever heard! PM me if you want their contact info.

Cousin of a close friend of mine is a professional tuba player. I spoke with him briefly this morning, and he said he knows several good trumpeters including jazz players. He and I are going to speak more about this sooner rather than later, so hopefully I’ll eventually have a name or two that we can introduce into the community.

But if you’re looking for “now” rather than “eventually,” Kenny may be the way to go.

I don’t do a dip at 2-4k, but I do roll off at around 15k if memory serves me correctly. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on the physical properties of the cymbals and the recording technique / signal chain.

Great job! Good groove and as everyone commented, the drums carry this tune nicely. Your keyboard playing is very jazz/funk oriented with not too much motion and a slick approach.
I feel you on having real players but you got as close as possible doing without. Your muted trumpet sounds much better than mine. :slight_smile:
I agree with Kenny on the hats. Not only were the chokes a little above the mix but they seemed detached because the choke hat is far right and the original hat is closer to the center of the stereo field. Because of that, it sounded too much like an overdub. If you could move it from the far right and combine it with the kit hat, that would be a super rap on this tune.
Again, great job and good luck with this.