Old Cubase 4 and 5 boxes

Hi everyone

I have always upgraded Cubase as the new versions have come along and wonder what everyone does with their old Cubase boxes with CD/DVD and manuals?

They are obsolete to me, but can I sell them? or is that a license breach or something if I leave the license key on the peice of card in the box? or is that key now linked to my eLicenser for my current Cubase 6?

Or can I sell them with out the license key? or is that really worthless to a prospective buyer?


The license has been used during your registration. It cannot be used again so yes they are worthless to any prospective purchaser.

Unless someone lost their paper manual :wink:
But I’d keep those regardless, because it looks like Steinberg will not be making any more paper manuals these days.

I was actually wondering about that same thing -

WTF do I do with all these HUUUGE boxes and documentation that I’ve had since SX1.06? cuz man they are taking up some real estate. I LOOOOVE how the software boxes are getting smaller and smaller. Has anyone noticed that the Pro Tools 10 boxes are literally the size of the CD and not a hell of alot wider. I think THAT should be Steinberg’s goal. :slight_smile:

But yeah, ta hell with all these enormous boxes, i’m going to grab the liscensing cards and stuff them in the respective manuals, along with the installation CDs/DVDs, and toss the rest! :wink:

I’ve only got 2, but I think they look great on my bookshelf. They work great as accoustic treatment, the room sounds a lot nicer now :mrgreen: