Old Cubase AI 7 grace period

Hey! I just recently decided to set up my old ‘home studio’ that I bought back in 2014 but never really took off with. I logged in to my Steinberg account and saw that I have an activated license for Cubase AI 7 (activated 24 November 2014).

I was checking the grace period eligibility with my soft e-licenser (20 characters) that I found in “My Products” and it came back as not eligible! According to an online search, Cubase AI 8 was released on 3 December 2014. Is there a reason why my AI 7 is not eligible?

And kinda on/off topic, is it possible to use AI 7 or 8 now or has too much changed? I noticed that at least 7 is no longer supported.

Thanks in advance guys!

Well, Cubase AI 8 was discontinued nigh these many years ago, so it’s not available.

Thanks for the response! But does that mean that I’m ‘stuck’ with AI 7 or can I download the discontinued version AI 8 (or even later versions?) where I just downloaded the old AI 7?

I have no idea about how different versions differ or anything, hehe… I can’t afford to update to 11 right now, and I can’t seem to find any ‘discounted’ updates between AI 7 and version before 11!

AI is not for sale. It comes free with hardware. It cannot be bought.

Only the latest version of software is for sale by Steinberg.

Okay! Can I upgrade/update somehow to AI 9/10/11 since I have AI 7? Or do the AI/LE versions just kinda expire? Thanks again!

As Steve has pointed out AI cannot be purchased, it is only distributed bundled with some other product. So there is no AI to AI Update either (because then they would be selling it). But you can Upgrade to Elements, Artist or Pro. The cheapest of those would be AI to Elements 11 (which will be a free Update to C12 when it’s released).


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: