Old Cubase Files Dont Load Synths in 9

I am guessing this is because they were 32bit synths in the old version. I am working on a new tune with a vocalist but dont know how to get that old file into Cubase 9. How have folks dealt with this in the past?

Bridging the 32 bit plug-ins with something like jBridge would be the first suggestion.

There is also a hack to use older files from Cubase 8.5 (and/or earlier?)…searching this forum should show it. It does work at the moment but Steinberg have pointed out that it’s not supported and may not work in future…if it’s just for a one off session it might be an option for you though. make sure you back up everything before trying it if you go that way.

Do you happen to have the link!

Searched and found…

As mentioned before, backup your Cubase installation before trying this. It is not supported and may not work in future updates.