Old Cubase for Win98


My main studio computer broke down and until it’s getting fixed I try to get my really old computer running again. HDD is broken but I found another one and have installed Win98SE. WinXP could possibly work (512MB ram) but my old Aardvark Q10 and Seasound Solo sound card prefer Win98. Unfortunately I’ve thrown all my old cd’s with music program’s (bundled software, magazine cd’s and such) so now I’m looking for a DAW to record drum tracks this week.

So here’s my question:

Is there a free version of Cubase that works with win98? I think I remember that Steinberg made some of the old versions free to use but I might be wrong. It needs to be able to record 8 tracks at once for the drum kit.


Even old Cubase SX v1 requires Windows XP.
Seems you can only use pre-SX versions like Cubase VST5

I think I used SX 1 on Win98 even if it wasn’t officially supported but VST 5 or earlier would be fine. I have asked some friends and they will look for old unused licenses but I really think I’ve heard about Steinberg making some old Cubase version free to download. I need them this week.

I friend gave me his old Cubasis 4.0 and it works like a charm. Real nostalgica. :slight_smile: