Old Cubase SL no sound out of right speaker

Dug out my old recording gear cubase SL with a Steinberg M14 interface

I’ve got a lot of songs in there that I would like to finally finish up now that I got time haven’t used it 10 years. The problem is when I play back the music there’s no sound out of the right speaker brand new monitors. If I do swap the cable left to right still only the Left channel works and the speakers are good

In the playback bar on the far right side I see left and right output and it looks good. If I go into the stereo bus it shows left and right selected no issues. I do have my monitors hooked up to my headphone jack though that’s always the way I’ve done it. Asio driver

It’s been 10 years since I use this program and I wasn’t the greatest at it before anyways. What am I missing that would cause no signal out of the right speaker? I pan everything to the right and still nothing comes up.

I know it’s old, thanks for any help

My first guess would be that the track is recorded in mono while you play it now in stereo.

Maybe, but let’s say it’s not ideal : I would use two seperate mono jack instead, as the M14 have dedicated output connectors for this, from what I see of the rear panel picture of it.

Addititonaly, are you sure that the M14 is fully working, including its right output ? I would try to use it with other programs such as a media player to be sure of that : if it has stayed 10 years in a cupboard, well… :thinking:

It not working is definitely a possibility. Although, I swear I remember 10 years ago having this problem, and it’s why I quit. I’m gonna try the rear outputs. I’m guessing I need to change something in the program so those outputs work? Where is that in the program to change that?

I don’t exactly remember how the output routing are set in Cubase SL/SX versions, but I guess that it’s not that much different than now : probably, there will be terminology issues, but the whole ASIO/interface/audio connections feature was more or less the same as now. Look at any related menu and options that could be related to ‘peripheral’…

Additionaly, you could find useful things here :

Cubase SL 3 | Steinberg

Well, I think I’m getting closer. The outputs on the back right and left both are putting out signal. However I just bought some new cr3-xbt monitors. They are powered on one side. I believe I’ve got them hooked up right, I’ve got the RCA’s on the power side running to the outputs on interface. Then I’ve got a speaker cable that came with the speakers running from the power speaker over to the slave speaker. According to instructions I got it hooked up right? But I’m only getting signal out of one. Thank you very much for your help.

When I flip the Left Right powered speaker select button on the back of the right speaker, it switches from the left to the right so that speaker cable running should be good and the speaker is good. But still only comes out of one side depending on that switch on the back of the monitor.

I think that you are overcomplicated things : from what I see, the Mackie cr3_xbt have R/L inputs jack connectors, which should match your M14 line output ones. So, get rid of the RCA thingy : it won’t help, in this case…

Beside this, I guess that the M14 comes with a control application that should display what is happening, at least, with both L and R output signals. What does it actually shows ?

Output shows asio stereo output left is on right is on

I’m using the RCA outputs on the back of the mackies because that’s the cord it came with. It came with RCA’s on one end and 8th and stereo on the other. Still only one speaker works depending on the location of the power switch on the back of the Mackies. I’ll get some cables and try a quarter inch to quarter inch outputs.

Fine. Keep us informed… :slightly_smiling_face:

I will! Thanks!

Well, using the 1/4 cables worked! No idea why, tho I have been reading these monitors are junk, thanks!

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I’d figure the old cable was broken.

I don’t think it was, cuz when I use the headphone jack or the RCA’s in the back, it would come out of one speaker but if I switch the RL switch on the back of the power speaker it would switch r&l. The cables were new with the speakers but that don’t matter I suppose nowadays.